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The commission fee charged by "Nika-Imobil" depends on the purchase price paid by the buyer to the seller who is our customer. This commission fee includes:

1. Comprehensive advice regarding all transaction aspects;

2. Expert valuation with production of a substantiated valuation opinion on the recommended property sale price;

3. A field visit to the client to provide advice and conclude an agency contract as well as all subsequent field trips in connection with obtaining, transfer and signing of documentation and local certificates/statements;

4. Production of photos of the target property: interior, general view of the building, views from the windows, views of the adjacent grounds and infrastructure;

5. Placement of the photos and other information regarding the target at the agency’s web site;

6. Collection of the documents required to close the transaction;

7. Fees payable for the issuance of certificates by territorial Land (Cadastre) Offices and extracts from the registers;

8. Extensive advertisement and promotion campaign in “Makler” Classified Ads Paper, in the worldwide web and in professional databases;

9. Answering and professional handling of all incoming phone calls in connection with the published ads;

10. Scheduling of visits to view the property and accompanying of potential buyers during such visits;

11. Negotiations with potential buyers, provision of the required information regarding the subject matter of the transaction;

12. Conclusion of a preliminary agreement with the buyer;

13. Preparation of payments and the related assistance;

14. Preparation and scheduling of as well as physical presence during the signing of the final sale and purchase contract;

15. Registration with the authorities in due course of the sale and purchase contract and the transfer of the title to the property; obtaining and transfer of the registered documents;

16. Continuous communication with the client regarding the execution of the contract.


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